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What to Expect

Our goal is to help you return to living a high-quality life through physical therapy. We don’t just treat the symptoms. We get to the source of the problem by evaluating the reasons your pain developed. We provide hands-on treatment, a personalized exercise program, and education in self-pain management techniques to prevent future problems. We are committed to providing you an exceptional patient experience, improving your health, and preventing future injury.

Comfortable clothing is vital. You will need clothing that will allow for easy movements and access to the injured area. Workout clothing is preferred.

Your physical therapy session typically lasts 60 minutes. Please arrive 10 minutes before your physical therapy appointment. If you are running late, please advise our team.

Complete all the new patient forms and email to or print and bring them to your appointment.

Bring a valid form of identification (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport), insurance card, and physician’s prescription for Physical Therapy, if applicable.

Your physical therapist will conduct a one-on-one evaluation, addressing any health concerns you may have.

We will explore your medical history, current pain or injury, and the activities you are limited in and take specific measurements of your posture, quality of movement, strength, and perform specific tests designed for evaluating your condition.

We will help you understand all the factors that influence your condition and implement a personalized care plan to meet your health goals.

We will document our findings/treatment plan and communicate this to your primary care physician or specialist, if appropriate.

It is normal to feel sore after your first physical therapy visit. 

You will have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss any concerns regarding your visit and schedule future appointments depending on the established treatment plan.

If appropriate, continue your treatment plan at Activo to fulfill your health goals, and get back to your best.

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We are committed to helping you recover and restore health. For more information about our physical therapy services please contact us at (248) 800-7000.


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