The Activo Advantage

The Activo Advantage

Experienced Professionals

Activo physical therapists have decades of experience managing a variety of injuries. This experience includes high-level expertise in orthopedic physical therapy, allowing us to offer a wide range of services. Nothing will be new to our staff, whether you have an ankle sprain or a complicated multi-joint injury from an auto accident. 

Team Approach to Patient Care

We understand the importance of effective collaboration between all parties involved in your recovery. We communicate with physicians, family members, and other health professionals as appropriate to advance your recovery safely and efficiently. 

State of the Art Facilities

Activo offers quality clinical expertise in a state-of-the-art facility. We provide a modern and comfortable environment, including up-to-date equipment, to facilitate your return to regular activity more efficiently and effectively.

Innovative Techniques

Activo stays up to date with the latest physical therapy advances, including techniques that allow for quicker and safer recovery times. These innovative techniques enhance quality, in return improving patient outcomes and overall satisfaction.

Quality Care

Through excellence in patient care and better health outcomes, Activo prioritizes quality physical therapy and patient experience. Your one-on-one session will be with the same therapist each visit. Our friendly care coordinators will always greet you at the door. We will walk you through the physical therapy process from start to finish. Most importantly, we thoroughly educate our patients and their families to ensure no gaps in care.

Culture of Compassion

Going through physical therapy is a new experience for most people.  We understand that you may have apprehension regarding the process of recovery. We will assess you and develop the best action plan. We will personalize your treatment to ensure you are comfortable throughout recovery. We recognize that patient satisfaction is not merely fulfilled through quality care but also by creating a culture of compassion in which care is delivered.

Client Testimonials

My wife was treated here and she had a great experience. We would highly recommend Mike and Activo to anyone seeking a new physical therapist. Mike was very knowledgeable and helpful, and we appreciated the brand new facilities. The receptionist was also very friendly and accommodating with scheduling. Highly recommended!”



We are committed to helping you recover and restore health. For more information about our physical therapy services please contact us at (248) 800-7000.


Learn more about the many services we offer including Sports Physical Therapy, Pre-Surgical Rehab, Vestibular/Balance Rehab and much more.