Vestibular/Balance Rehab

You wake up one morning and feel yourself or the room spinning as you try to turn or sit up in bed. You might feel lightheaded and unexpectedly lose your balance when walking in the early evening darkness with your dog. Riding in the car, bending over to weed your garden, or looking at the tile floor in a bathroom may leave you dizzy and nauseous. Many times, these symptoms may occur without an injury. Your doctor may diagnose a condition known as BPPV (Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo). Falls frequently result in orthopedic injuries such as fractures and soft tissue tears. Our therapists are skilled in techniques and exercises to improve balance, reduce dizziness/vertigo, and reduce fall risk.

Your physical therapist will design an individualized set of exercises and activities that address your unique needs, specifically targeting problems related to dizziness, vertigo, or postural imbalance.

Vestibular therapy uses a variety of treatments to reduce or even eliminate dizziness and vertigo, including:

  • Repositioning maneuvers to restore inner ear crystals to their place.
  • Specific eye and head movements to improve the brain’s ability to use vestibular information effectively.
  • Home exercises to desensitize your balance mechanisms.
  • Balance training to increase the body’s ability to react safely to movement.
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Client Testimonials

Great thought and attention is being given to my specific problems. Mike Leither is addressing my needs with great concern and I am starting to see excellent results. PS: I am a classical ballet instructor who depends on properly functioning muscles, tendons, and ligaments.



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