Pre-Surgical Rehab

It is not unusual for your orthopedic surgeon to recommend pre-surgical strengthening and ROM exercises to improve your post-operative results. Pre-surgical physical therapy not only strengthens the surrounding muscles and tissues in anticipation of surgery, but it can help improve blood flow and circulation that are crucial for wound healing and prevention of scar tissue. If you are stronger going into surgery, your recovery from surgery will be smoother. We also include education regarding what to expect with your surgery and provide home exercises to complement our clinic’s programs, if appropriate.

Most pre-surgical rehab, also known as “pre-hab” physical therapy, will include:

  • Targeted exercises to help improve your overall physical condition (including cardiovascular endurance) and prepare you for surgery.
  • Gentle strength training and low-impact muscle toning to strengthen supporting tendons, ligaments, and muscles. 
  • Supportive measures to protect the area of operation.
  • The use of ice, heat, and other modalities to minimize pain.
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Client Testimonials

I had the best possible experience here! My physical therapist, Michael, really listened to me and adjusted my therapy based on my personal progress. The facility is brand new, very clean and up to date. I had to bring my five year old a few times and not only were they fine with him coming, they were downright welcoming and happy to see him. Michael took the time to explain the equipment to him and set up some exercises for him to do next to me, and the wonderful receptionist greeted him warmly and even tried to find something for him to watch on the TVs. (Yes multiple TVs, plenty to watch sports or the news or whatever while working out!) I highly recommend Activo Physical Therapy for any physical therapy needs!!



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