Post-Surgical Rehab

It is common for your doctor to recommend physical therapy after joint surgery. At a reasonable interval following surgery, you can begin your post-operative physical therapy program. It is essential to minimize the loss of strength and joint mobility after an operation. Your doctor will typically provide our therapists with a protocol or timeline regarding when to advance therapy. Therapy could include strength and range-of-motion exercises, stability training, cryotherapy, electrical muscle stimulation, and various other techniques. The multiple methods complement each other to provide a synergistic healing effect. 

We recognize anxiety arises from post-surgery recovery and are here to support you physically and emotionally. Our physical therapists have the skill, knowledge, and expertise to identify the most effective action plan for safe and efficient recovery.

It takes time and effort, but rehab after surgery is as important as the surgery itself. Proper post-op rehab will:

  • Improve movement and range of motion in the part of your body where you had surgery
  • Strengthen your muscles
  • Reduce pain
  • Help you regain movement
  • Teach you to do daily activities, such as climb stairs, get up from a chair or bed, get in and out of a car, get dressed, and bathe
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You will not find a more thorough or more caring therapist! Mike is phenomenal!!! He helped me when countless others were not able. Awesome care, flexible scheduling and great location!!! 5 stars are not enough!



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