Valid ID (Driver’s License, State ID, Passport) and insurance card

Your completed patient paperwork (Notice of Privacy and Consent, Intake Form)

If you have one, your physician’s prescription for physical therapy

Comfortable clothing that allows access to the areas being treated and for exercising

Your preferred form of payment

In Michigan, physical therapists can see patients for ten visits or 21 calendar days without a prescription from a physician. If you need more PT after that, we can contact your physician or recommend one for you. 

Please review the No Referral Needed section for more information.

At Activo, we are committed to the safety of our staff, patients, and the communities we serve. We have worked to establish a COVID-safe environment by implementing extensive new procedures within our clinics. These measures include:

  • Screening patients, staff, and everyone entering the center for symptoms, including fever, and asking about recent travel.
  • Implementing strict social distancing protocols within the center and always requiring PPE.
  • Enhancing our already stringent cleaning and disinfection procedures, from entrance into our practice through to patient discharge.
  • Adhering to the latest CDC guidelines, including frequent hand washing throughout the day, specifically before and after each patient. Patients are also required to wash their hands before treatment sessions start.
  • Limiting the number of people in the clinic.
  • Staggering patient scheduling which will allow treatments to occur with a social distancing of at least 8-10 feet.

Please review the COVID-19 Update section for more information.

Most patients can start within 1-2 days of your initial call to our office. Sometimes your doctor will indicate when to start PT to allow for sufficient post-op healing.

Your first contact will be with our care coordinator at the front office. They will guide you through the initial steps. Your evaluation and future PT sessions will be with a licensed physical therapist or a licensed physical therapy assistant. To ensure a personalized experience, you will see the same therapist each visit.

You can go to any physical therapy provider you choose, even if the referral is for a different provider. Activo is privileged for the opportunity to serve as your rehabilitation provider of choice and is committed to providing the highest quality of care so you can reach your health goals and achieve a healthier, stronger, more active lifestyle.

Your doctor will receive a copy of our initial evaluation and plan of care. We also send bi-weekly updates to your doctor and contact them regarding any adjustments to your care plan.

Most visits last about an hour, depending on the plan of care. The first visit typically takes a little longer. 

Please see our services section for more information.

After completing the evaluation, your therapist will discuss your care plan, including an estimate of how many sessions will be needed.  These recommendations are affected by your availability, transportation, tolerance to activity, and sometimes insurance limitations. If you need more therapy than your insurance will pay for, we will make arrangements to make the sessions as affordable as possible. 

Comfortable clothing is vital. You will need clothing that will allow for easy movements and access to the injured area. Workout clothing is preferred.

Activo Physical Therapy accepts most insurance plans and participates with many major and minor insurance providers. As a courtesy to you, one of our friendly care coordinators will call to verify your insurance coverage. You may be responsible for a copay and/or deductible. We encourage you to contact your insurer as well to double-check your benefits.

Please review our Verify My Insurance section for more information.

You should begin to see improved pain, movement, strength, and function reasonably quickly – within the first few sessions. It is not unusual, though, to have some mild soreness after the first session.  If you see slow progress, we will work with your doctor to change your care plan to get better results.

We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

No huge parking structures. No parking fees. We have convenient free parking just steps from the front door.

Physical therapy practices vary based on several factors, such as areas of expertise and insurance coverage. Many people are unaware that you can choose your PT provider instead of going with your doctor’s recommendation.  Consider calling or visiting the facility, talking with the lead physical therapist, and determining how they might manage a condition like yours.  Is the facility clean, well-equipped, and convenient? Do they accept your insurance? You will be spending some time in PT for the next few weeks, so you should feel comfortable with all aspects of your experience.

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